Monday, October 6, 2008


Day two was a day of preparing to get set up for my daily routine. I was told to buzz for the nurse as soon as I woke up so she could come draw blood for some tests. I also had to give a urine and stool sample for additional tests. Oh Yeah!! A nurse comes in about 3 times a day to take my temperature and pulse, which are apparently always perfect. My doctor visited me again but this time walked in with an entourage of about 10 others. It was kind of strange, I don’t know if they were residents or what. It’s still somewhat difficult to communicate but I think I may have my first stem cell treatment tomorrow.
I was also given a physical therapy assessment today which was basically testing my leg strength and flexibility so they can come up with a routine for me. I’ve been through several physical therapy programs in the past but none of them are even similar to what I’ll be going through here. They are really focused on working on my strength and balance and I’ve been told it can be somewhat of a gruelling routine. If I’m not doing physical therapy then I’ll be receiving acupuncture treatment. I will receive a schedule for my daily routines tomorrow.
TK has gone to the big store to pick up some groceries and supplies; I think she will try to start cooking tonight. She is a great cook but the kitchen facilities are somewhat limited. The store is huge, a Chinese Wal-Mart of sorts and sells everything from clothing to food. All of the typical traditional Chinese weird stuff included like chicken heads and snakes! One of the patient coordinators named Rebecca (everyone on this floor has chosen a Western type of name) told me a story today about one of the physical therapists on the floor. While walking home last night he saw that someone had found a turtle and bought it, not for a pet but to eat! There is definitely a culture clash on many levels here. I’ll always be looking forward to see what tomorrow brings!

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