Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The good news is that we have AC again!! One of our interpreters named Luca has been on the air conditioning problem very persistently and succeeded in getting it turned on. Hopefully they will leave it on while we have any warm days like the past few.
Another bonus has come from my brother in law Bob, he’s such an awesome techy! It seems we’ve had some sort of technical issue every day whether it is our wireless router not functioning, problems with my laptop, TK’s iTouch and many other issues. He’s able to solve them all from San Diego, he’s the IT GURU! We can’t get any real TV and over the Chinese internet many websites are blocked or don’t have full functionality so we can’t even view programs from the internet. Bobble solved that issue too! I don’t know all the technical jargon for what he did but we now have all of TK’s favourite television shows to watch. By the way, she watches way too much TV.
I’m actually writing day 11 at 5:30 am on day 12. Woke up early and couldn’t fall back asleep because of an irritating noise that seems to be coming from inside the wall and sounds like a plastic bottle being constantly knocked over on a table! No idea what it is but I’ll have to figure it out today, possibly a mouse in the wall. We recently had a mouse commotion a few rooms down but it didn’t take them long to catch the little guy. They used this sticky paper mouse trap that I’ve never seen but it works great!
I will be having my next spinal treatment on Friday which is tomorrow and my bone marrow procedure on Monday. Another Canadian named Karen who is Linda’s caregiver has given me an air mattress, more of an inflatable bed, to see if it will help with the long bed confinement I must endure after my treatments. Sure hope it makes life easier for those days!
I unfortunately had a bad MS day yesterday. As I previously mentioned, I’m finding my physical therapy sessions more difficult and yesterday had quite a negative effect. I don’t have a break between my treatment sessions which I guess is becoming difficult on me. I found myself very fatigued yesterday afternoon and somewhat worried. My left eye became quite blurred and my walking abilities deteriorated greatly! Sometimes the muscles controlling my ankles get so weak that I can’t bend my ankle upwards causing my toes to droop or drag when I walk. The opposite action like stepping on a gas pedal is okay but I can’t move my foot up. This situation was very troubling for my right foot yesterday but fortunately with rest late yesterday afternoon and last night it seems to have recovered and I’m feeling much better this morning.
I will have to talk to Andy about my routine so I can prevent this fatigue from occurring again. Actually I’ll talk to Luca who can then talk to Andy. Luca whom I mentioned above is an interpreter from Italy but he speaks the best English of all the interpreters so when I really need to make sure I’m communicating something properly I use him. All of the interpreters are really great and so helpful but he does speak and understand English the best.
That’s all for now.


Bea said...

Hi Son-Oh what a day for you- wish I could twitch my nose and make it all better for you-just know so many people are praying for you so keep your faith and trust in God like you always do- He will come forward for you-say Hi to Linda & tell her I am praying for her as well and the gal from Arkansa as well as baby Jacob-we sure do keep God busy don't we?
TK will be better now that she had American TV! What a smart son-in-law I have!! Wll make you a Thanksgiving dinner whern you get home--My love and prayers are with you- Miss you and TK- love & stuff mom xoxoxo

RR said...

I am sure that with your positive attitude that the good days will definetely out number the bad. Take care... hurry back...the dishes are piling up !!

Janice & Bob said...

Hey guys
Just getting caught up on your adventures!
Lee you have a great positive attitude.
Keep up the good work!