Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today was basically another day off, I didn’t expect it but my morning physical therapy was cancelled since my lumbar puncture was scheduled for 11:00 which in turn cancelled the rest of my regular treatments. The lumbar puncture didn’t seem quite as smooth as it has in the past. It definitely took longer than usual but they didn’t tell me anything was different. There were more people in the room with a lot more conversation than usual and a nurse made a phone call out which was definitely different. From what I could gather they were having a difficult time getting the needle positioned where they wanted. I actually had a slight sensation of pain that the nurse asked me about because that was unusual too. At one point the doctor repositioned my arm to rest on my leg and physically moved my legs so they were bent closer to my chest. So it was different from my first two spinal treatments but I don’t know if that is unusual.
Next came the 6 hours of immobilization, oh yeah! It’s getting easier each time but the last two hours are always the worst. I got a little sleep and TK and I watched some TV, thanks Bob. We saw an episode of The Amazing Race and Boston Legal which by the way happens to be the worst show on television. I don’t even watch it when TK has it on, I find the acting brutal and it’s just so stupid. My opinion of course but hey it’s my blog! By the time I was mobile again it was dark out and we ordered in Chinese, my first meal of the day!
I’ve been in contact with CTV and they will be sending a crew down from their Beijing bureau next week to do some shooting. We originally had it set up for them to do some video here in the hospital but that was only permitted because the American contact with Beike Biotech was scheduled to be here in October. Unfortunately her trip was cancelled and without her they won’t allow any filming. Too bad but I guess we’ll just take some video around the hospital and film us partaking in some Chinese things!
Our time is coming close to winding up here at the hospital so we’re trying to book our travel arrangements to Shanghai and then on to Hong Kong but we’ve been surprised by the cost of domestic flights. We were hoping it would be similar to Thailand where TK found domestic air travel to be very affordable but it’s turning out to be just the opposite. There is supposed to be a seat sale opening up on Saturday so hopefully we can find something more reasonable. I found it very frustrating working on but I’ll try uploading some more photos on my next blogs.

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