Friday, October 31, 2008


This morning I did wake up rested after truly getting a full nights sleep. My tailbone was still very sore but I was feeling pretty good. My treatments started off the same as yesterday with electrical wave and then Andy gave me another session with his vibrating heat machine. It did relax my back muscles again and I did feel better just in time for a quick Skype call from my kids. The nurse came in to start my IV and everything was shaping up just as usual. The waiting area to enter the transplantation room was very busy and everyone knows the trouble I’ve had after my last transplant so I guess many of them were out to wish me well.
My lower back was already hurting lying there in my bed and I knew that the six hour recovery time was going to be terrible so for the first time I asked to be drugged before the procedure. Since I was already feeling the lower back pain I just wanted to be sure I had pain killers available for later or that I could get something to sleep through most of it. It was somewhat difficult to explain what I was after but they did give me valium through my intravenous wrist tube which was still a very slow injection but it was not painful this time. The nurse repositioned me on my bed and got me ready in the hall, I was wheeled into the transplant room and the procedure began. The valium was making me groggy but did not put me out and I actually felt more during this procedure than any other. For the first time the nurse came to my side to rub my hand telling me to relax and sleep as she saw me wince in pain a few times. Everything was over in usual time but today the nurse and doctor had to assist me in rolling onto my back again when they were finished because they thought I might have been too out of it. I returned to my room and actually slept for about the first two hours. The rest of the afternoon was rough as usual with the same old uncomfortable pains and bladder problems but eventually five o’clock finally came and everything was now over! YEE HAH!!
Everything would’ve seemed so smooth had I not encountered the problems I was forced to endure this last week. It’s too bad because I haven’t heard of anyone else going through that much trouble but I guess in the end it just added to my overall experience. The rest of the evening went well with no head or leg aches’ so I was very happy and again had a full nights rest. My tailbone continues to be sore but I think this will alleviate itself over the next few days. I don’t have any treatments planned for the weekend but at least I won’t have to spend it in bed trapped in my room. Unfortunately it is very overcast and hazy again but I’m sure we’ll find something to do. My physio therapy and acupuncture treatments will begin again on Monday and Tuesday for my final days here at the hospital. W-Five is now scheduled to do their filming on Tuesday and Wednesday morning which will then end our adventure in Hangzhou. This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of my blogging but we’ll see what happens.


Bea said...

YEH!!! So happy the treatments are over for you!! Now we just have to be paitient and leave the rest up to God for your healing!! Enjoy Hongkong! Watch out for your crazy driver when you're in your wheel chair--she is still a novice-Hugs and Prayers Mom & Dad xoxoxo

Dylan said...

hi dad its me dylan I am at mimis and paige is at Alisas house for Alisas b-day. paige is going to have a sleepover at alisas and I am going to have a sleepover at mimis house. I have a hockey game on sunday at 5:15p.m.I am defence again but I will still try to get a goal for you.
love dylan

Bea said...

This is from Joyce South,Heather and me--we miss reading your blog in the morning--are you finished? Sure hope not!! Hope your tail bone is a lot better now--luv & stuff mom xoxoxo PS Only one more nite in the hospital!! Yeh!!

Deb and Andrew said...

You talked about getting emotional tears in an earlier blog and I must admit that Dylan had me at "Hi Dad its me Dylan". I know how much you love them and it must be so hard to be away from them this long. I am sure you are counting down the hours until you see them again and are able to give them a big hug. Dylan and Paige, you are so lucky to have a man like your Dad in your life. Love him, take care of him and learn as much as you can from him. And Dylan, a few goals won't hurt either. Have a safe trip back Lee and we will see you soon. Andrew.