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A year has gone by since my last blog, boy a year goes by fast! I suppose a lot has happened in the last year, but the focus of this blog won’t be on my personal health but rather on the debacle created by Doug Broeska. It all started in January of this year when the wheels began to fall off the story train of Dr. D and Regenetek. The credentials of Broeska began to come under scrutiny precipitating a review of his entire organization, and his past. This is when all of the lies started to surface such as his claim to a bogus PhD, as far as I know the man doesn’t even have an undergrad degree! This is only the tip of the iceberg that is made up of a mountain of lies, deceit, slander, and what I clearly classify as fraud. As the story progresses and more facts come out, we have the making of a good book or movie.
I had put the whole India experience behind me when all of my efforts to expose the truth behind this operation turned up nothing but false hope. I truly felt that what Regentek and Doug Broeska were doing was fraudulent and criminal. I filed a complaint with the RCMP and with Health Canada, but after weeks of no response or willingness to initiate an investigation, dejected and disappointed I decided to put it all behind me. I stayed clear of all the websites and Facebook pages for almost 8 months so that I could clear my head of all this crap and focus on my health. Then once the story started to surface about Doug’s bogus credentials I was dragged back into the fray of things by requests for interviews. Once I got my head back into the story and began talking with former patients I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.   All of Doug’s lies were being exposed, past patients were coming forward with truth, the story was being reported in the media and I was finally reassured that an investigation into the matter was underway. Everything about this story was initially documented in my original complaint to the RCMP and Health Canada, but unfortunately nobody was interested in listening to me at the time. It wasn’t until the aftermath of Regenetek and Doug’s demise that people came forward wishing they would have heeded my warning. I figured out Doug’s scam while I was still in India, it became obvious to me that there was no legitimate study being conducted. When I returned home to no follow-up and no willingness to accept the simple fact that the procedure did not work on me I knew something was wrong. Doug insisted on maintaining his claim that ALL patients had improved post procedure. I knew this was false because it had not worked on me and I knew of several other patients that had no improvement, all of which Doug was fully aware of. The issue is that nobody else was aware of this fact because if anyone claimed they saw no improvement or questioned the procedure in any way Doug would simply disqualify them from his so-called trial. It was completely clear to me at this point that there was no legitimate trial and the whole procedure was suspect in my mind.
After I wrote my first blog, “Nightmares From India” the skepticism of my claims and character attacks against my wife and me started to come fast and furious! The only motivation behind my blog was to express the truth of my experience and to explain what people could expect from the new hospital. Well, this blog created a shit storm that I could not have imagined. The truth that I expressed did not sit well with prospective future patients, Dr. D of course, Regenetek, Inamdar Hospital, and anyone else that was waiting patiently to see improvements from the procedure. I was attacked relentlessly and viciously for my opinion, but in my mind I was just doing the right thing. People deserve to know the truth before making such life-changing decisions even if they don’t want to hear it. Even after I had tried to put everything behind me I found out that that Doug and many of his supporters were continuing to bash my name even though it was many months after the fact! I’ve included some screenshots that someone sent me to show that I was still being attacked! I guess I was obviously still considered a threat by Doug and the CCSVI clinic that they found it necessary to continue bashing me. The things that were being said about me were not only ridiculous but extremely slanderous! The problem is who would I sue? I’m sure Doug has all his money hidden away and I don’t think it’s worth my while to pursue a liable suit against anyone. At any rate, at this point I can at least say that I am vindicated!
As time goes by and more information is uncovered, it is becoming clearer that no one knows exactly what their body underwent while undergoing stem cell procedures in India. I knew that after they switched hospitals from Noble to Inamdar that they had also switched labs. Questions that were never answered to me from the beginning such as which lab will cells be expanded in, what growth factors will be utilized and where is the documentation for all of this. It now appears that stem cells were not sent out to any lab as no documentation can be provided. I think they just took our money, gave us some bogus stem cell therapy and charged us an outrageous amount of money for a subpar physiotherapy routine. Yes, you heard that right, I believe I went to India for physiotherapy and a terrible culinary experience, a complete waste of time and money!
Now, to be completely fair there are some former patients that maintain they have seen benefits from the procedure. This is difficult for me to accept considering all the lies and deceit behind so many testimonials. Doug or Regenetek were actually paying some former patients to convince prospective patients of the legitimacy and effectiveness of the procedure. It’s disgusting how fake this whole damn thing is, and the fact that there are people continuing to go for treatment. Even though it appears that Doug has been ousted from the operations in India, I believe he still plays an integral role in the entire scheme of things. I believe he has an ownership stake in all of these operations and as such it would not be so easy to just remove him. Now that they have expanded to Trinidad and a new clinic much of the heat felt by the clinic in India has dissipated. By replacing Doug as principal investigator and changing the name of the operation to Genesis the people in India believe they have made a fresh start. They claim to be going back through the data and resurrecting things into a clinical trial. Anybody who listens to this is really desperate and grasping onto hope that doesn’t exist in reality. I don’t believe there is any more competency or legitimacy behind this operation, supposed new trial or their new clinic in Trinidad. This is something people will have to discover on their own without heeding the warnings against this operation and its questionable outcomes.
I have expressed my opinion that anything to do with this group, Doug Broeska, Regenetek, Genesis, Surjo Banerjee, Inamdar hospital or any new facility in Trinidad is bad news and a sham. There are still people who believe Surjo is innocent of any wrongdoing and was oblivious to the things going on with Regenetek and Broeska. Well, I believe Surjo was in it hand-in-hand with Broeska and just as culpable in this whole scam. I don’t believe he can be trusted nor anyone else involved with either of these clinics. After all of the lies have been exposed such as the bogus expansion of our own stem cells, false claims of improvement, everything about Broeska, the fact that there is no legitimate trial and blah blah blah the list goes on and nothing is believable! My ultimate point is that people need to do their homework on any treatment they are considering. I thought I had checked out the CCSVI clinic rather thoroughly and was somewhat na├»ve in listening to claims from previous patients. It turns out that no one I had contact with previous to going for the procedure really had any improvements. If anything, I believe physiotherapy that patients continued upon returning from India was responsible for much of what people consider improvements. Moving and engaging muscles that have been dormant for months and even years does make a big difference and can eventually lead to improvements.
I do believe there are legitimate treatments being provided to MS patients but most are still in the trial phase and not proven. I don’t know that I’m ready to trust any clinic or treatments that are not based in North America. There are many stem cell clinical trials underway that show great promise. The problem is that many of us suffering the debilitating effects of this disease don’t have the time to wait years for results and availability of treatments. This makes us vulnerable to dishonest scumbags like Broeska who prey on desperate people with the hope of improved health that are willing to spend their life’s savings on chasing this dream. It’s disgusting what Dr. D has done and others like Surjo continue to do. They do such a disservice to legitimate stem cell science and research not to mention what they do to the poor patients like myself who get sucked into the lies and deception of bogus treatments and unscrupulous operators like Regenetek and Genesis.
So why did I insert “No Justice” in the title of my blog? Because so far there has been no Justice and at times I fear there never will be. Even though I was promised by the RCMP that this is a very serious investigation and it will not just fade off from the radar, I have trouble believing this. Doug is a very slippery scumbag and I believe very capable of slithering his way out of all sorts of tight spots! I can’t say that the RCMP are not doing anything but it doesn’t seem like any action is taking place. I have very little faith that Health Canada will do anything if they even can. I think the only agency taking a serious interest in the situation is the Canada Revenue Agency, but of course the government will chase anyone down for money! The fact that Doug has already tried to start up the operation again speaks volumes. From what I understand it was the people in India, Surjo and his cohorts who temporarily stopped Doug from this venture. The website was only up for one or two days but I was able to get a peek at it. From what I gather Dr. D is attempting to set up a very similar if not the exact same scam. I’ve got to admit the guy has balls, he actually still refers to himself as Dr.  Bottom line is Doug needs to be arrested and thrown in jail! It’s very unlikely that anyone will see any money back or gain anything from a class-action lawsuit but these pipedreams still float around Facebook sites. At this point I would just be satisfied to see Doug locked up! I’d like to see these bullshit operations in India and now Trinidad closed down, but where there’s desperate sick people looking for hope and money to be made off of their desperation they will continue to operate, recruit, and deceive.
Please Lord, Let There Be Justice


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You have summed it up perfectly Lee.