Thursday, November 19, 2009


I met for a consultation today with Dr. David Williams; he’s actually a dentist but the man studying the new MS treatment I referred to in my last blog. It’s a simple concept on the face of it but very complicated in the details. I always try to research or fact check any information before I include it in a blog, I don’t want to be responsible for any misinformation but I do encourage correcting comments. In my last blog I made a statement that may have inferred W-5 wanting me to keep quiet about CCSVI but the reference was only in terms of posting an airdate until the station had confirmed it. W-5 has done a great job searching out and reporting on MS research and advancements and I do commend them for raising awareness on many issues in an unbiased manner which I don’t speak of much when talking about the media. So I was careful not to talk about Dr. Williams work, I just didn’t know enough about it. After today I know quite a bit thanks to a very thorough explanation and demonstration with a skull showing how the bones move etc. but way too detailed for me to reiterate it. The simple basis of his theory is that an incorrect bite and grinding of teeth can cause bleeding, pressure or other detrimental changes in the brain. There is a very complicated interrelated series of events that occur between jaw bones, facial and temporal muscles and bones and our brain. Essentially what he has found is that by stopping the damaging and hidden effects of grinding teeth, MS symptoms have abated. He has been working on this theory for over ten years but I think he’s only studied around 30 MS patients however they have had some astounding results.

For some people just stopping the bleeding has been enough but for others the same positive results have not occurred or at least not to the same extent. He believes that in some of these cases the blood can’t drain and so the problem worsens. He has been studying Dr. Zamboni’s work and will be inviting him to Canada to explain and discuss this research. He believes this is a small part of a much bigger puzzle that we are now finally beginning to understand. With the basic principles that are now being proven, scientists and doctors from across the spectrum can begin opening up a whole new world of ideas and treatments. If only it were that easy, unfortunately it’s not. There’s a lot of science here and without a road map it’s very difficult to understand. I’m hopeful that Dr. Williams can put together some information and websites that can explain things better than I can. He is trying to talk with neurosurgeons or specialists with the brain and scull because it will take more expertise to really start understanding things and he seems quite aware of how difficult it can be to get a research trial set up.

In the meantime why not give it a try; at least I’ll stop grinding my teeth. He’s got a pretty cool set up for taking a mould of your mouth and teeth so he can understand exactly how your bite is working. At least it’s a procedure that should be covered by dental benefits so it won’t cost me a bundle. It is possible that I could notice a difference very quickly like Dr. Williams has seen in the past but I won’t get my hopes up. I am very curious to see if I can recognize a difference in the next six months but I’ll remain positive. As I get more figured out on Dr. Williams’s findings I’ll post again.

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layniesmom said...

Well, that's most interesting as I do have a cross-bite and according to both my dentist and massage therapist, I am also a jaw-clencher. I'll be watching for your update!