Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yes today marks the 43rd day that I’ve been away from home and the end of my very long journey! Maybe 44 since I lived yesterday twice, as my son would say I came back from the future. We arrived back in LA yesterday afternoon after a 14 hour flight, Bob picked us up from the airport and whisked TK back to San Diego and I spent the night with my brother Darren. I fly into Calgary tonight at 8 pm and my children will be at the airport to greet me, I can’t wait! Only three more hours on a plane and it will all be over, thankfully it’s only 3 hours. My back problems have been very tolerable and not bothered me much as we toured through Shanghai and Hong Kong until I boarded that 14 hour plane ride. Let’s just say the last 6 hours of that flight were torture on my back and upon waking up this morning it didn’t feel a whole lot better! I wasn’t even able to get 2 hours of sleep on the flight from Hong Kong so I imagine jet lag will be a factor over the next several days but that’s fine with me, at least I’ll be home!
We had a great time the last week of our journey in Shanghai and Hong Kong but I’ll blog about that another time, today’s blog is dedicated to my sister. This trip was a very long time to pull her away from her life in San Diego, her new puppy and especially her newlywed husband! It truly was a loving sacrifice she made for me and I can’t thank her enough. I don’t know how I would’ve been able to go if she hadn’t been able to come with me. From the first conversation I had with her about wanting to go to China she’s been behind me. I don’t even recall having to ask her to come with me, I think she offered to come right from the get go! I really couldn’t have asked for a better travel companion or caregiver, she was totally awesome in the hospital, I think I’m the only one who received any sort of home cooked meals! Sometimes when TK would cook the entire hospital floor would fill with tantalizing aromas which I’m sure caused some envy and she was very well known for how well she fed me! Even though we were both entirely fed up with the food situation after over 30 days in that hospital it would’ve been so much worse had I not had chef TK!
As far as a brother sister relationship goes TK and I have always been close and our bond has grown even deeper as a result of this trip. We lived together for a while in Vancouver, were in Australia with each other at the same time and toured New Zealand together so I knew we would be compatible on this trip. I don’t think we had one argument or nasty exchange of words the entire time in China which is more than I can say about pretty much anyone else on the 20th floor of that hospital! My appreciation of her extends well past the cooking and help she provided but for the companionship we shared. I’m a good loser which is a good thing since she beat me in every backgammon tournament and crib game we played, although I still hold on to the premise that she’s the queen of fluke!
I have much to thank TK for outside of accompanying me to China, her help from the very beginning of my endeavour has been invaluable. Outside of the content, her and Bob set up my website and she did all the computer work for my fundraising posters and advertising. In terms of raising money, the emails she sent out to her network of friends which is pretty much around the world generated more financial and emotional support than any other group of individuals. This in itself is a great testament to the quality of her character and the great group of friends she has assembled where ever she has been!
You are truly a fabulous woman Terri-Kim, I know that Bob feels this way and I’m fortunate that he let you leave him for such a long time on my account! I’m very proud to have you as my sister and friend, I love you so much!!!


J said...

I know you are not back home for a few more hours but you will be when you read this so...WELCOME BACK MR. LEE!

Bea said...

Hi Lee! It was soooo great to see you last nite at the airport!! I thot you looked great! So funny watching people smile and wave as they thot they were on TV while waiting for you to come out of customs- W5 was just great with Paige and Dylan- Having Skype and your blogs really helped me not to worry and miss you & TK so much! Skype is one technology I understand and like--what a wonderful tribute to your sister, TK!! Brot tears to my eyes but then also a giggle as I remember when Dad and I brot her home from the hospital you said I hate her as she took your crib and you had to go into a single bed-makes a mom so happy to see this kind of bond between siblings! WELCOME HOME, SON!!

Jay said...

Lee, and your whole family, I am a friend of TK's through our mutual study of Jewelry. I enjoyed the wonderful photos of TK's Wedding and just knew she would be there for you. the family connection is wonderful
I look forward to your future posts, and progress. Please do continue.
Your tribute to your sister is beautiful, and I know appreciated by all. Bob is a wonderful loving brother in law, and puppy also approved of TK's absence.
Thank you for sharing this quest with all of us.
Vaya Con Dios.